San Francisco in Cinema: Sweet November

Dolores Park
Workaholic advertising executive Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) learns to relax by spending time at Dolores Park with dying honey Charleze Theron in the hard-to-watch 2001 remake of Sweet November. Reeves and Theron have little chemistry and the script by Kurt Voelker is a cut-and-paste from Lifetime movies on TV. City locations like Farley's on Potrero Hill are a good distraction from the story. Sweet November does a better job of depicting Keanu's office life, with realistic ad world references. Most filmmakers with characters who work in advertising figure if they mention fonts once or twice they've nailed it. A detail: When Theron and Reeves meet at the overpass along the J-Line at Dolores Park, director Pat O'Connor chose to conceal the statue on the east side of the bridge with a makeshift greenhouse. The statue is that of Miguel Hidalgo, the Mexican revolutionary who was executed at Chihuahua in 1811.

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