San Francisco in Cinema: North Beach

Peter Macchiarini Steps, Broadway and Kearny Street.
North Beach, aka North Beach: The Movie, proves the stereotype that San Francisco is filled with raging heterosexuals. Only in the City could a slacker like Tyler Morgan be so busy. He's got to square things with his girlfriend Paige (he's just cheated on her with a stripper), rehabilitate his reputation among his cronies on upper Grant, and learn new songs for a gig at the Lost and Found, all before Paige makes time with a suit. The streets are paved with beer in this indy's take on Little Italy, and it works. Not all the performances are great, but North Beach avoids the pitfalls of independent features of this scale by keeping it light. Casey Peterson plays Tyler from his own screenplay, which features some great one-liners including Mister SF's favorite new toast, "@#*% my liver!" Directed in 2000 by Jed Mortenson and Richard Speight Jr., with Jennifer Milmore as Paige, Jim Hanna as Robbie, director Speight as Peter, San Franciscan Joe Parrilli as himself, and the neighborhood as "North Beach."

Peter Macchiarini Steps
101 Music
Coit Tower
Condor Club
Crow Bar
Gino and Carlo
Broadway & Columbus Avenue
North End Cafe
Savoy Tivoli
Green Tortoise Guest House
Columbus Tower
Washington Square
Tai Chi at the Park

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