San Francisco in Cinema: The Midnight Story

1227 Montgomery Street
The Midnight Story is supposed to be a North Beach tale about an Italian family - only the Malatestas aren't Italian, they live on Telegraph Hill, and they go to church in the Bayview. Tony Curtis is traffic cop Joe Martini. When a beloved neighborhood priest is murdered, Tony moves in with prime suspect Salvatore Malatesta and the man's brood in order to prove his suspicions and solve the mystery. Things get complicated when Curtis falls in love with cousin Anna and is accepted into the family. Not the most compelling among San Francisco's film noir entries, mostly because the so-called Italian family is without a scintilla of authenticity. The Midnight Story is, however, worth a look for some great City locations as well as shots of Curtis in uniform. The Malatesta house is 1227 Montgomery Street at Union. When Joe and Salvatore hang out on the wall in front of 1227, the view from the Montgomery Street overlook is fascinating. The Russ Building and Shell Building are prominent. Today they are overshadowed by towers. The 1957 picture was filmed in Cinemascope by director Joseph Pevney. Included is a fantastic bit part by character actress Kathleen Freeman. 

Fisherman's Wharf
Washington Square
"695 Clay Street Apt 4C"
Our Lady of Lourdes All Hallows Chapel
Russ Building
Shell Building

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