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With more allure than Garbo - and streets seemingly built for car chases - San Francisco is always ready for its close up. Mister SF's cinema section includes dozens of previously unidentified cinema locations and has inspired countless San Franciscophiles to join the hunt. Choose the links from the gallery below to learn more about these movies of San Francisco. Additional resources can be found in Mister SF's City Links.

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Barbary Coast
Crazy Like a Fox (TV)
What's Up Doc
All About Eve
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
The Streets of San Francisco (TV)
Harold and Maude
The Times of Harvey Milk
The Joy Luck Club
Just One Night
The Towering Inferno
Haiku Tunnel
The Maltese Falcon
Escape from Alcatraz
Tales of the City (TV)
Chan is Missing
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Conversation
Dark Passage

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