San Francisco in Cinema: Foul Play
As librarian Gloria Mundy in Foul Play, Goldie Hawn gives her address as 430 Vallejo Street, second floor apartment. The 1978 comedy caper from writer/director Colin Higgins stars Hawn with Chevy Chase, Dudley Moore, and Burgess Meredith. Gloria is a damsel in distress when her date drops dead after leaving her a roll of film and a cryptic clue. Just short of a screwball comedy, Foul Play works because of Goldie's charm. This is another film in which San Francisco rises above a location and seemingly becomes a character in the story. Chase is the detective who saves Goldie and ultimately thwarts an assassination attempt on the Pope - played by legendary San Franciscan Cyril Magnin! Locations include Pacific Heights, Upper Fort Mason, City Hall rotunda, and others including a daytime car chase. Makes a great double feature with the all-out screwball comedy, What's Up Doc

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