San Francisco in Cinema: Fearless
As Max Klein, Jeff Bridges teeters on a ledge above the northwest corner of California and Kearny Streets in order to recreate the rush of surviving a plane crash in director Peter Weir's 1993 feature Fearless. Actually, Bridges stands on the ledge of 650 California (left) but Klein's eye view is shot from the corner building next door (right.) Typical of a Weir film, Fearless has more to do with the existential questions facing its characters than it does with the events portrayed. Klein survives the crash only to find himself unable to cope with his life at home and inexplicably drawn to fellow survivor Rosie Perez. Isabella Rossellini is excellent as Klein's wife. John Turtorro appears as an airline employee who attempts to counsel the survivors. Also like other Weir films, this one is brilliant and thought provoking.

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