San Francisco in Cinema: Experiment in Terror

100 St. Germain Avenue garage
Kelly Sherwood (Lee Remick) is a prisoner in her own home at 100 St. Germain Avenue in Twin Peaks when she's stalked by Ross Martin's asthmatic murderer in Blake Edwards' 1962 thriller Experiment in Terror. The film noir story also starring Glenn Ford and a young Stephanie Powers is gripping and suspenseful. Stark photography and a taut Henry Mancini score enhance the mood. Experiment in Terror is rich with City locations. Among them: Remick is first accosted by Ross in the garage at 100 St. Germain. Stool pigeon Nancy Ashton (Paula Huston) is murdered in her home at 2632 Larkin Street. The Hallidie Building is visible from Remick's workplace, the Crocker-Anglo National Bank at Montgomery and Post Streets. Notice the alley street that Remick's character uses when she leaves the rear entrance of the bank. That street is now covered by a great glass canopy - since it's the Crocker Galleria! Killer Martin is captured on the pitcher's mound at Candlestick Park. The 38 Geary bus, Kaiser Hospital, Broadway, Jackson Square, the Powell & Hyde cable car, and Fisherman's Wharf are also shown. Watch for two-way traffic on the upper deck of the Bay Bridge in the opening sequence!

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