San Francisco in Cinema: Dirty Harry

Washington Square
Washington Square in North Beach is one of many locations around town that appear in the Dirty Harry film series starring Clint Eastwood. The original film is dedicated to members of the SFPD who died in the line of duty. Other action titles featuring Eastwood as the cop who breaks every rule in the name of justice are Sudden Impact, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, and The Dead Pool. While a complete list of Dirty Harry locations would read like a map of the City itself, following are some of Harry Callahan's haunts:

Alcatraz (Enforcer finale)
Dante Building rooftop - 1606 Stockton Street (aborted sniper attempt on Washington Square)
Bank of America building (sniper location)
Chinese Cultural Center (rooftop swimming pool)
Broadway (the stripper strip)
Fort Mason Tunnel (attempted mugging of D.H.)
City Hall (mayor takes D.H. to task for tactics)
20th & Church Streets (kidnapper location)
Kezar Stadium (home of psycho killer)
Park Emergency (D.H. investigates stabbing)
Marina Green (ransom drop)
Mt. Davidson Cross (armed confrontation)
Coit Tower
Hall of Justice - 850 Bryant Street
Forest Hill Muni Station
Bison Paddock, Golden Gate Park
Tiger's ("Make my day.")
1501 Leavenworth Street

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