San Francisco in Cinema: Dark Passage

Bogey gets busted at 1921 Post Street near Fillmore. In 1947 this was the location of Harry's Wagon, a converted rail car restaurant not unlike the Grubstake, 1525 Pine Street at Polk.
In Dark Passage, Humphrey Bogart is an escapee from San Quentin Prison who recovers from plastic surgery at Lauren Bacall's apartment while plotting revenge against the people who framed him. The fascinating 1947 noir story directed by Delmar Daves is a cinema classic and one of the best movies ever filmed in San Francisco. The Malloch Apartment Building, the unique four-story Art Deco building at 1360 Montgomery Street, was the home of Bacall's character, amateur landscape painter Irene Jansen. A current resident uses a cardboard cutout to make sure that Bogey always stands watch. Vintage cityscapes are marked by the Russ Building, 1101 Green Street apartment building, and the Mark Hopkins Hotel. As Vincent Parry, Bogart climbs down the fire escape at the Tamalpais Building after a confrontation with Agnes Moorehead. He makes his getaway on the Hyde Street cable, all the way down to the Powell and Market turnaround. Also included are sidewalk and drive along footage, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Waldo Tunnel when it had only one bore, plus the Filbert Steps, the Filbert House, and Harry's Wagon. During filming on Telegraph Hill, the private booth at The Shadows - across the street from the Malloch building - was reserved for Bogey and Bacall.

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