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Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
Montandon Celebrates Newest Memoir

Montandon credits Dr. Sheila Krystal with leading her out of the darkness following her divorce from Wilsey, who died in 2002 at 82. In previously published reports, Dede Wilsey has issued blanket denials of Montandon's stories. Today, the widow Wilsey is a renowned San Francisco philanthropist.

<< Goldmark, Enright, and Phillips - dubbed "Patsy's Kids" for the evening - next performed, "Pick Me Up on Your Way Down."

MisterSF.com's Coverage of Pat Montandon's "Oh, the Hell of it All"
01: Prue Giroux Lives!
02: Rap about Revenge
03: "Dede"
04: I'll Fly Away
05: Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
06: "Al"
07: The Glory
08. Forgiveness*

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