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Montandon Celebrates Newest Memoir

Montandon says Al Wilsey told her she didn't know how to be a rich man's wife. Dede, he said, did. "Do you know what Dede said to me," Montandon recalls decorator Val Arnold telling her, "She was sitting beside me on [your] lawn during the concert. With both hands spread out, she pointed at the beautiful estate, the gardens, the house, and whispered, 'this will be all mine someday.'"

<< Pat Montandon greets family members.

MisterSF.com's Coverage of Pat Montandon's "Oh, the Hell of it All"
01: Prue Giroux Lives!
02: Rap about Revenge
03: "Dede"
04: I'll Fly Away
05: Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
06: "Al"
07: The Glory
08. Forgiveness*

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