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Bionic Woman appears in SF
by Hank Donat

A highlight at this year’s Academy of Friends Oscar gala at Fort Mason was the appearance of actress Lindsay Wagner in the million dollar Hollywood Graffiti Gown. The dress, designed by Jerry Skeels and Randy McLaughlin, is covered with the bejeweled signatures of more than 300 famous women.

Wagner is a fitting icon to grace San Francisco because she has projected warmth to the public for over thirty years and never given us any trouble. Are you listening Paris Hilton? Wagner’s memorable television character, the bionic woman Jaime Sommers, taught 6th grade during the day and defended the country again Russians, aliens, and robots at night.

She gave me her number, by the way, and I didn't have to hack into her cell phone to get it. It's 35, and it's her sleep number. (Wagner is the spokeswoman for the Sleep Number mattress, just in case you slept through that last gag.)

After Wagner posed for a series of pictures in front of a silver BMW, some of us revelers took turns listening to the actress sing "Feelings" on my iPod. My group rated Wagner's performance two points above Antonio Banderas' Oscar night rendition of "Al Otro Lado Del Rio," from The Motorcycle Diaries.

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