The San Franciscans: Pols and Media Types

Mister SF Hank Donat with Representative Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi became the most powerful woman in America when she was elected Speaker of the House following America's November 2006 election day rebuke of President George W. Bush's discredited administration. Pelosi and other Democrats were elected despite a right-wing campaign against what Republicans called, "San Francisco values." Not to be confused with the so-called gay agenda.
In addition to the Politicians and Media Types among San Franciscans in this section and featured elsewhere on the site, the City is center stage for a huge cast of characters both in and behind the headlines. The reporters become part of our lives because we see them on screen, around town, even in the movies. (Terilyn Joe appears in George of the Jungle. Wendy Tokuda was the inspiration for the underhanded reporter Bambi Kanetaka in Further Tales of the City.) Sometimes they become part of the story, as when Terilyn was accused of pelting workers with eggs and tomatoes from the window of her Russian Hill apartment during a noise dispute. District Attorney Terrence Hallinan declined to pursue the case due to insufficient eyewitness testimony that the angry tenant was the newscaster. Terilyn left her gig at KNTV in San Jose a few months later, presumably for non-tomato related reasons. Following are some notables on both sides of San Francisco's public eye.

Barbara Taylor
Michael Bauer
Doris Ward
Bevan Dufty
Henry Tenenbaum
Warren Hinckle
Eileen Hansen
Jan Wahl
Gavin Newsom
Tony Hall
Nancy Pelosi
Carole Migden
Kevin Shelley
Ross Palombo
Leah Garchik
Mark Pitta

Phil Matier

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