Notorious SF: Gemstone File
Now dismissed as a big bunch of crap, the Gemstone File, by some account more than 1,000 pages long, is the most notorious rant in conspiracy history. Written by American gemologist Bruce Roberts over a period of years beginning in the 1960s until 1975, the Gemstone File details dark secrets of the CIA, FBI, and the Mafia in addition to JFK, LBJ, Ted Kennedy, Richard Nixon, the Washington Post, Mayor Joe Alioto, Howard Hughes, Martin Luther King Jr., the Watergate conspirators, and many others. The Gemstone File links all of these people and a host of historical and political events into one huge conspiracy! The wide ranging account was drafted by Roberts in part at this location, 895 Bush Street, then known as the Drift Inn. Roberts, who invented the synthetic ruby used in laser technology, regaled visitors at the Drift Inn with his stories of political intrigue. He claimed that the Watergate burglary was conceived by G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt at the Drift Inn early in 1972. Roberts died of lung cancer in 1976 but not before his Gemstone File had been circulated all over the globe. A year before Roberts' death, a Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File was published that sorted its many stories in chronological order. Among Gemstone claims: Aristotle Onassis had Howard Hughes kidnapped and drugged for at least a decade. The alleged kidnapping put the aerospace industry under the control of the international Mafia, which led to the assassination of JFK. Roberts' theories have been well investigated. Published editions of the Gemstone File that contain commentary by various researchers are now available online and in bookstores. 

Stephanie Caruana, the freelance writer who authored the Skeleton Key to Roberts' stories, wrote to Mister SF to say she took umbrage to the above reference to the Gemstone as "a big bunch of crap." She says that published criticism of the Gemstone over the years is based on her condensed version, not on the entire dossier and that when the complete Gemstone File comes to light Roberts will be recognized as one of San Francisco's greatest writers. Caruana has been hard at work on a new website, CD ROM, and published editions of Bruce Roberts' Gemstone File. She says they include information witheld until now by Mae Brussell and John Judge. Brussell is the Carmel Valley conspiracy theorist who died from cancer in 1988, leaving Judge in charge of her controversial library. Brussell was widely known as a writer, radio commentator, lecturer and researcher who believed that the U.S. is secretly controlled by ruthless cabals of high powered conspirators. Caruana says the revised Gemstone file makes for "fascinating information about how our country is run, and by whom." Caruana offered to send Mister SF a review copy of the new CD ROM, but later changed her mind after reading his "Heart of the City" interview with Angela Alioto. Caruana says Mayor Joe is a "major villain" in the Gemstone story.

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