Notorious SF: Architects & Heroes
Whether Modesto Congressman Gary Condit murdered his mistress Chandra Levy, who disappeared in May, 2001, or he did not, one thing is for sure. His haircut is a crime. The choppy do created in San Francisco at Architects & Heroes, 2239 Fillmore Street, was widely ridiculed from the moment Condit came on the national scene for his involvement with Levy, a 24-year old intern with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington. Weeks after the disappearance of his lover, family man Condit gave his first interview, a terse conversation with TV reporter Connie Chung. Said Late Show host David Letterman, "As you watch the Gary Condit interview, three words come to mind: stiff, unbending and impenetrable. And that's just his hair." When the extremely bad hair cut became an object of national derision, it was learned that Condit had been visiting Architects & Heroes for two years while the salon's staff was unaware that the customer known to them as Barry was the notorious congressman. Letterman said Condit's hairdresser should use an alias, too. Levy, a hometown resident of Condit's district, vanished from her D.C. apartment without warning after telling a relative she needed to talk about something important. Her partial remains were found in a D.C. area park 13 months later. Condit has denied any involvement in the vanishing but faces media scrutiny, police suspicion, and political fallout as a result of both the affair and his choice not to be forthcoming with authorities and the press in the aftermath Levy's disappearance.

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