New and Venerable Institutions: SF/SPCA
SPCA: Care and Compassion in SF since 1868

On April 18, 1868 a cherished institution in San Franciscan began, with the founding of the country's most respected Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. On it's 140th Anniversary in 2008, the SF/SPCA celebrated with weekend festivities at Maddie's Pet Adoption Center. Maddie's has placed more than 36,000 dogs and cats in the hands of loving owners since February, 1998.

In 1884, the SF SPCA built a horse ambulance to treat injured animals in ditches along the City's early streets. In 1905, the SPCA took charge of the city pound. The mission of the San Francisco SPCA is to, "save and protect animals, provide care and treatment, advocate for their welfare, and enhance the human-animal bond."

Maddie's Pet Adoption Center treats dogs and cats in transition like Little Orphan Annie on her first day at Daddy Warbuck's house. More about Maddie's

250 Florida Street

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