New and Venerable Institutions: Bimbo's 365

1025 Columbus Avenue
In 1931, Agostino Giuntoli (nicknamed Bimbo by his business partner and former boss Monk Young) opened the 365 Club at 365 Market Street. Featuring gin served in coffee cups and after-hours gambling, the 365 Club was the quintessential speakeasy. The club continued throughout the decades as a sophisticated night spot and entertainment venue, drawing celebrity visitors and featuring a line of beautiful chorus girls. One of the dancers, Rita Cansino, later went to Hollywood where she became Rita Hayworth. Bimbo's 365 moved to Columbus Avenue in 1951, ushering in a new new era of glamour at the North Beach location. With its elegant interior, rich history, and continued popularity, Bimbo's 365 is an enduring San Francisco landmark. Concerts here range from hip bands such as the Brian Setzer Orchestra, to country star Loretta Lynn, and renowned performance artist Laurie Anderson. A Bimbo's favorite is Dolphina, The Girl in the Fishbowl, who swims nude in a fish tank behind the bar thanks to an optical illusion. Dolphina is the inspiration for the oracle Mona who, as played by Bobby Jo Moore, beguiles Chris Isaak on TV's "The Christ Isaak Show."

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