Literary San Francisco: Dorothy Bryant
Native San Franciscan and feminist writer Dorothy Bryant is the author of 12 novels, two nonfiction works, and four plays. "A Day in San Francisco" is Bryant's controversial mother-son take on gay life in the City on the eve of the 1980 Gay Freedom Day Parade. Her 1986 novel "Confessions of Madame Psyche" is so realistic in emotional truth and historic detail about early 20th Century life in San Francisco and the Bay Area that most readers forget this is a fictional work. Bryant, the daughter of northern Italian immigrants, taught English and music in high schools and community colleges for 23 years. She lives in Berkeley, where she and her husband run the independent publishing company, Ata Books.

Selected titles by Dorothy Bryant
Killing Wonder
Anita, Anita: Garibaldi of the New World
Ella Price's Journal
Miss Giardino
Myths to Lie By: Short Pieces
The Garden of Eros
Writing a Novel
Kin of Ata are Waiting for You

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