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Amsterdam Art
Balboa Theatre
Bargain Bank
Cafe Bazaar
Cheap Pete's Frame Factory
Clement St. Bar & Grill
Ireland's 32
Golden Gate Skate and Bike
Gordo (other location)
Green Apple Books
Greco Romana Pizza Caffe
King of Thai Noodles
Mayflower Seafood
Minami Sushi
Pizzetta 211
The Plough and the Stars
Sullivan's Sports 
Tia Margarita
Tommy's Mexican
Video Cafe

Call ahead! Today's venerable institutions may be tomorrow's Farewell Favorites

Recommend your favorite diner, cafe, restaurant, or other independent business!

Anyone who thinks the Richmond District is only avenue after avenue of suburbs within the City limits will be surprised to find there's a lot of there there. The Clement Street shopping district is among Mister SF's favorites. For those who lump the Richmond and Sunset Districts into one category, "way out there," the Richmond is the district north of Golden Gate Park.

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