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Amoeba Music
Asqew Grill
Bound Together
Cha Cha Cha
Citrus Club
Cole Hardware
Crepes on Cole
Escape from NY Pizza
Forever After Books
The Grind
Kan Zaman Cafe
Kate's Kitchen
Manhattan Bagel
Pork Store Cafe
Sacred Grounds
San Francisco Coffee Co.
Skates on Haight
Thep Phenom
Volare Pizza

Call ahead! Today's venerable institutions may be tomorrow's Farewell Favorites

Recommend your favorite diner, cafe, restaurant, or other independent business!

The Haight is inexorably connected to the movement that rose from this area during the Summer of Love in 1967. A desire for peaceful social reform, the cosmic promise of psychedelics, creative self-expression, cultural momentum, and a desire to rise out of loneliness and conformity into individuality, all collided to create the Haight Street phenomenon. Spend an afternoon here and decide for yourself which of these ideals remain. Nearby Cole Valley is integral to life here.

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