San Francisco in Cinema: More Tales of the City
Plucky Maryann Singleton uncovers a cannibal cult operating in the rafters of Grace Cathedral in More Tales of the City. Sequel to the incomparable Tales of the City was filmed mostly in Canada which helped make it a less than worthy follow up. Several recasts including Nina Siemaszko in the Chloe Webb role, Mona Ramsey, also killed it for a lot of people. Even the San Francisco skyline is ersatz here - that's Oakland in the "Superman building" voyeur scenes! The real-life structure that inspired the Superman building is 1101 Green Street. A sort of fraternity game evolved among San Franciscans from this entry in the series. Friends gather to watch the entire four-hour series on tape in an afternoon. Every time Olympic Dukakis smokes pot, the viewers smoke pot. Daphne von Kool, a die hard from Noe Valley, swears it's hard to keep up with Mrs. Madrigal. Directed by Pierre Gang for a 1998 premiere broadcast on Showime. Further tales follow.

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