San Francisco in Cinema: Last Call at Maud's
Last Call at Maud's is director Paris Poirier's 1993 documentary about the 1989 closing of a lesbian bar that operated at this location, 937 Cole Street, since 1966. An important record of the women's movement in San Francisco, the film is also a wake-up call to anyone interested in preserving neighborhood institutions. As patrons return to Maud's for the final farewell, each shares memories of coming out and of finding community in each other in pre-Stonewall society, thirty years before "Ellen." When you hear owner Rikki Streicher say that if a fraction of her eleventh hour well-wishers had only visited the bar once in a while it might still be in business, you will know that this could happen to your favorite joint, too. Pioneer lesbian activists Judy Grahn, Phyllis Lyon, Del Martin, and Sally Gearhart also appear in addition to Streicher who died of cancer in 1994 at the age of 68.

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