MisterSF.com: Joint statement from Van Buskirk attorney, publisher re: BAR

On Friday, September 29, Brooke Oliver, attorney for Jim Van Buskirk, and Yuval Taylor, an editor for Chicago Review Press, made the following joint statement in order to invoke Mr. Van Buskirk's statement of accountability in response to coverage of Donat v Van Buskirk in the Bay Area Reporter.

The parties reassert Mr. Van Buskirk's notarized statement that he alone is responsible for lifted passages from this web site appearing in "Celluloid San Francisco." Likewise, all parties in the matter agreed that the B.A.R's coverage was misleading. - HD


Dear MisterSF.com and Bay Area Reporter:

We write to once and finally clarify the record concerning the use of Mr. Donat's writing in "Celluloid San Francisco."

"Jim Van Buskirk accepted full responsibility on August 3, 2006, stating that it was he alone who "failed to accurately and fairly shepherd Hank Donat's stories through the publishing process," resulting in Mr. Donat's writing being included in "Celluloid San Francisco" without appropriate attribubtion and quotation. Statements by others as reported in a subsequent B.A.R. article dated September 14, 2006 that could be construed to minimize Mr. Van Buskirk's [acknowledgement] were not accurate. We have already attempted to clarify the record. On September 14, 2006, Brooke Oliver wrote the B.A.R. and said, "[R}ecycling a quote [about the publisher] from June did not reflect the present-day situation and did a disservice to the publisher's sincere and good faith efforts since then. Jim Van Buskirk apologized to Mr. Donat and does not blame the publisher." Zak Szymanski, B.A.R. reporter, responded, "Of course we will clarify the record."

We apologize to Mr. Donat for the embarrassment and inconvenience the subsequent B.A.R. article with the recycled quote from Ms. Oliver and an email by Susan Stryker has caused him.


Brooke Oliver

Yuval Taylor
Chicago Review Press

Copyright 2006 Hank Donat
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