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Lotta's Fountain

Jack Early Park

Westfield Shopping Centre

Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin (left).

01/16/07; 6:44 PM

Marty asks, Where have you been?

Recently back from a month in Europe. My successful plagiarism lawsuit against "Celluloid San Francisco" author Jim Van Buskirk swallowed my year. Other than that, I've been working on the house, my Mister SF-themed tour with GoCar, and some other exciting stuff. I hope you enjoy my plans for the site in 2007.

Alilip asks, Why didn't you show Scotty's home from Vertigo on Lombard Street?

I did! Check again in Cinema or use the Search button.

John asks, You mention places known for cruising. How do you know?

You're referring to Land's End and Buena Vista Park. I think some gay cruising places are so notorious that even my aunt in St. Clairsville knows about them. If you're into that, the Damron Guide publishes editions for most major cities including SF.

Jack Creech asks, What's the Lotta's Fountain location?

Market Street at Geary and Kearny.

Tiffany asks, Will you answer questions from praisers only?

Scorners are okay in doses.

Anon&on asks, You were hilarious when I met you at the Stanlee Gatti exhibit in GGP. What was your line about Gavin's hair?

Thank you. "'Tis better to gel and be thought gay than to rinse and remove all doubt."

Stef asks, Do you think you're Rosie O'Donnell now that you're answering questions about your personal life?

Actually, I got the idea from Carol Burnett.

Kevin asks, Any suggestion for a location to propose to my girlfriend?

Jack Early Park. Good luck!

Millie's Mom asks, What do you think of the new Westfield center on Market Street?

It's a beautiful mall; love the dome; crowds have spoiled the shopping experience for that section of Market St. and for Union Square. John's Grill is an oasis!

Kathy asks, What was the address of Nightbreak where Chris Isaac always played?

1821 Haight Street.

Raj asks, Did you know Jim Van Buskirk posted a review on Amazon for a book about writer's block in January, 2004?

No, I didn't! Interesting!

Bill asks, You were smart to publish your writing side-by-side the plagiarized version. Whatever happened to Celluloid San Francisco?

Okay, final question on topic. The gay newspaper Bay Area Reporter briefly campaigned last summer to obscure the fact that Judge Ollie Marie-Victoire ruled on May 25 that portions of Celluloid San Francisco were plagiarized from my original material. The book was removed from further sale or distribution by its publisher in December, 2006. In a January 2, 2007 email, Chicago Review Press editor Yuval Taylor said, "Celluloid San Francisco is out of print and unavailable. Some bookstores, including Amazon, continue to sell the copies they have on hand... bookstores should soon run out." Taylor added that Celluloid San Francisco has been removed from the Chicago Review Press website.

Javiar asks, You look hot at the Lizzie Borden murder house. Have you been working out?

Thank you! I lost my married weight to celebrate turning 40 in November.

Sunshine asks, Who do you like for the next mayor or is it too soon?

It is too soon, but I like Peskin.

KKehoe asks, What do you think is the longest traffic light and the most ignored 'don't walk' light in SF?

Unscientifically, of course - longest, Post & Mason; most ignored don't walk, Market & Castro/17th.

Tony asks, What's the most un-San Francisco thing about you that people don't know?

My dentist is in Oakland and I absolutely can't stand Robin Williams' comedy act or his movies.

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