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Friday, April 18, 2008

Columbarium Celebrates 110 years!

On April 18, 1906, The Columbarium turned eight years old. It survived the great quake thanks to its steel columns. San Francisco Landmark #209: Formerly part of the entrance to the Odd Fellow's Cemetery, the storied Columbarium was sold to the Neptune Society in 1980.

April 14, 2008, Columbarium Day: San Francisco jazz legends Wesla Whitfield and Mike Greensill performed for about 200 future neighbors, family members, and Columbarium staff. Mike and Wesla killed. Welsa: "Sorry, the blouse I wanted to wear didn't quite make it to the car." Mike: Guilty look. Emmett Watson, the Columbarium's beloved care taker/oral historian is always celebrated here. To Mr. Watson and the future neighbors, the niches here are apartments.

What do Columbarium residents have in common with Earthquake survivors in addition to April 18? (Leave San Francisco? Not on your life!)

Mister SF celebrates the Columbarium's 110th birthday on April 18, 2008. More Columbarium history from the Neptune Society.
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