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Coronet: A lot.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mister SF's signs you are back in san francisco
after extended travel

you swear you'll never leave again

vivian and marion in canary yellow
in front of the st. francis
smiley in nederlander orange
in front of saks.

feeling political guilt for enjoying
walk like an egyptian.

hey wait, this cab is not a cab
but this cabbie is a candidate for mayor;
grasshopper kaplan; 'pay me what you like'
that's fare

tony hall dropped out
now reporters can drop the 'virtually'
in 'virtually unopposed'

what, no debate?
bye-bye Wi-fi,
hi-hi Matrix
homeless shuffle

no one to push for the difficult stuff,
but you, Mr. and Mrs. City

Hold the iPhone!
newsom says all appointees (et al) ashore;
get off my ride
running against himself?

farewell, coronet movie house
we will miss you
a lot

in with the new,
Potrero Hill Whole Foods
Barry Bonds, HR King*
Health insurance?
New City Rising Rising Rising

locally, it's impossible not to think
The photo is not Osama,
The photo is not Osama,
Worth repeating
no one mentions it, really,
but a few.

Nancy is right not left,
Bush surge markup =
troop withdrawal spring sale.
She is correct.

only 3 of 18 benchmarks met
despite Petraeus roboshow,
which bookends with Colin Powell’s at UN.
Believe the math. < 17% success
I know you've heard it, SF
but is anyone else out there?

Only in SF
only words, and still
I heard a New Yorker say on TV,
"I don’t remember any great hue and cry
before we went over there."
Hard to believe.

Ed Jew
Grasshopper Kaplan


Copyright 2007 Hank Donat
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