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by Hank Donat

San Franciscans may at last have an answer to the question of the Zodiac's identity. The Examiner reported this week that red tape in DNA testing labs is the only thing that stands between police and the identity of the serial killer. Arthur Leigh Allen, a dead Vallejo man and longtime suspect in the case, is voted Man Most Likely by the Ex. It's hard to believe that Zodiac terrorized the Bay Area with a handful of killings when you consider that today's murderers take out entire buildings full of people. The identity of the serial killer who murdered cab driver Paul Stine in his cab on Washington Street and others then dared cops to find him in cryptic letters to the media remains a great mystery from the '60s. Stay tuned... 

A couple of exiled smokers from a party in the Marina rendezvous for a cig and a snog on the verandah. As the fog wafts by, revealing the elegant Golden Gate Bridge in the distance behind them, our heroine turns Kathleen Turner style to face her lover. Her hair is lightly swept in a soft wind, creating a white outline of filtered moonlight all around the woman's blonde head.... These are fleeting, flickering sights in the City's shadows. These are the black and white moments that add color to our beguiling town. 

Anyone who's still depressed and blaming everything on "dot com people" or "Willie" should just drink something from San Francisco Bay because there's now plenty of Prozac and other pharmaceuticals in the Bay's waters according to a widely reported story this week. I prefer a more holistic approach, so I'll have a pot of tea and go on blaming apathy and inaction on the part of the people...

Marijuana may be illegal according to the Supreme Court but California has the most liberal sodomy laws in the country. Every Californian bends over daily for the power generators, Gray Davis, Pete Wilson, CAL-ISO, and George W. Bush. Since you can't be a positive force by being negative, let me say this about the current scandalous abuses by government and industry as it relates to the power crisis: It seems like a good opportunity for Ralph Nader. Anyone seen Ralph? Wavy Gravy, the great activist and clown, turned 65 this week. Wavy advised voters to think Nader but vote for Gore and imagine nobody. Nobody for President because nobody keeps all his campaign promises. Most people know Wavy as the Ben & Jerry's flavor or from his indelible presence as a figure from Woodstock. Most incredible, however, is his work on behalf of children and prevention of childhood blindness. Happy Birthday, Mister Gravy... 

Advertisers here are getting creative under pressure. IBM got oodles of press when the corporation was caught painting dozens and dozens of sidewalk stencils promoting the Linux operating system. IBM has to pay some fines to the City, but these will pale in comparison to a media budget... Bringing new meaning to bang for your buck, the British company French Connection advertised its upcoming store here by announcing "San Francisco's First fcuk," in front of Union Square. Say "dyslexically suggestive" three times fast. City officials bounced the huge poster to a less prestigious spot in front of a construction site on the corner of Powell and Ellis. The story of the envelope pushing sign was widely reported... All of this while much of the City's long-vibrant advertising community is either looking for work, leaving town, or contemplating a career change. 

Congratulations to Henry Joe Peterson and Cindy Koo Peterson on the 05/08 birth of Henry George, a second generation native San Franciscan. 

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